The buried quantifier: an account of vagueness and the sorites
Grim (Patrick)
Source: Analysis 65.2, April 2005, pp. 95-104(10)
Paper - Abstract

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Author’s Abstract

  1. The article presents an account of vagueness and the sorites1.
  2. Contrary to the great bulk of philosophical work on vagueness, the core of vagueness is not to be found in vague monadic predicates such as "bald", "tall", or "old." The true source of vagueness lies beneath these, in a mechanism using a buried quantifier operative over the comparatives "balder," "taller" and "older".
  3. A better understanding of vagueness in general will come from a richer consideration of relations between families of terms – comparatives, superlatives, hedges and derived monadic predicates.

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