A Flawed Argument for Perdurance – Reply to Braddon-Mitchell and Miller
Noonan (Harold)
Source: Analysis 65.2, April 2005, pp. 164-166(3)
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  1. The article presents author's view on flawed argument for perdurance1.
  2. Braddon-Mitchell and Miller defend the argument.
  3. In this response the author acknowledges that the argument is still pretty weak.
  4. Braddon-Mitchell and Miller explain that the argument has two main parts.
  5. The author claims that the first part of the argument was flawed because it misapplied a sound principle like the Humean patchwork principle, and the second part was flawed because it assumed a principle – the 'nothing but' principle which no endurance theorist had to accept or should accept.
  6. Braddon-Mitchell and Miller reject both criticisms.

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