Borowski on the Relative Identity of Persons
Puccetti (Roland)
Source: Mind, 87, No. 346, Apr., 1978, pp. 262-263
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  1. "Borowski (E.J.) - Identity and Personal Identity" (October 1976) claims that if x's brain were successfully transplanted1 into y's body, our judgment of who the survivor z really is would be relative2 to our interest in z: for example, if the body y is that of an athlete or film actor, we would say it is y if we are athletic coaches or film directors.
  2. This view completely overlooks that acting talents and athletic skills are also stored in the brain. If my brain controlled Pele's body, or Laurence Olivier's, I could not play football or act well.

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Footnote 2: While Borowski does talk about logical relation of relative identity (see "Borowski (E.J.) - Diachronic Identity as Relative Identity"), this doesn’t seem to be an example of it, and “relative” is used in a different sense.

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