Persons and their Brains
Brennan (Andrew)
Source: Analysis 30.1, 1969, pp. 27-30
Paper - Abstract

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Author’s Abstract

  1. Professor Puccetti's article, "Puccetti (Roland) - Brain Bisection and Personal Identity" (Analysis, 29, No. 3) seems to contain a deep inconsistency.
  2. In section 4 of this paper I will try to describe this inconsistency, and in sections 2 and 3 I consider cases that might result from brain transplantation1, and which raise severe problems for Puccetti's case.
  3. In general I try to show that it is by no means clear just what the case is that Puccetti is making out.


Response to "Puccetti (Roland) - Brain Transplants and Personal Identity"

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