Endurance and Temporary Intrinsics
Haslanger (Sally)
Source: Analysis 49, 1989, pp. 119-125
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Author’s Introduction

  1. In a number of places David Lewis has argued that the problem of temporary intrinsics1 rules out the possibility that objects endure through change2.
  2. Lewis maintains that to account for temporary intrinsics3 we should say that objects do not endure through change, but rather perdure4.
  3. I disagree; Lewis's arguments do not demonstrate that an endurance theory cannot accommodate temporary intrinsics5.

In-Page Footnotes

Footnote 2: Most recently Lewis argues this in "Lewis (David) - Rearrangement of Particles: Reply to Lowe"; and in "Lewis (David) - On the Plurality of Worlds" pp. 203-205.

Footnote 4: I follow Lewis's terminology here; see "Lewis (David) - On the Plurality of Worlds", p. 202.

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