Scattered Objects
Chisholm (Roderick)
Source: Thompson - On being and saying: essays for Richard Cartwright, 1987, pp. 167-173
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Section 1

The classic paper on scattered objects1 was written by Richard Cartwright2. What I present here may be thought of as a commentary on that paper. Like Cartwright, I believe that there are scattered material objects. But my views differ from his in several respects:

  1. Where Cartwright makes use of such absolute spatial concepts as point and region, I make use of the relational concept of touching (or direct spatial contact). This alternative approach may throw a different light on some of the metaphysical questions that the problem of scattered objects3 involves.
  2. I consider a distinction between two fundamentally different types of scattered object4 — a distinction that Cartwright does not discuss.
  3. I express some doubts about the relevance of "temporal parts" to the metaphysical problems that scattered objects5 involve.


Hard Copy filed in "Various - Papers on Identity Boxes: Vol 04 (C)".

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Footnote 2: See "Cartwright (Richard) - Scattered Objects".

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