Spatial Analogues of 'Annihilation and Re-creation'
Burke (Michael)
Source: Analysis 45, 1985, 24-29
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  1. In "Taylor (Richard) - Metaphysics" (1983), as in his much discussed 1955 article on analogies between space and time ("Taylor (Richard) - Spatial and Temporal Analogies and the Concept of Identity"), Richard Taylor gives as the spatial analogue of "annihilation and re-creation" something I call "multiple location".
  2. I show that annihilation and re-creation comes in two varieties, that multiple location is the analogue of one (much the more problematic one), and that what I call "discontinuous extension" is the analogue of the other.
  3. I also argue that none of the four concepts, properly understood, is trivially self-contradictory.

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