The Self and Narrative Identity
Alexander (Ronald)
Source: Alexander (Ronald) - The Self, Supervenience and Personal Identity, 1997, Chapter 7
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Author’s Abstract1

  1. Chapter VII continues the theme of the social self but with Ernst Tugendhat's interpretation of Mead's work serving as a transition (and as an improvement over Heidegger's understanding of the self’s relationship to other selves) to Paul Ricoeur's ethical interpretation of the self.
  2. Ricoeur's work in turn is an improvement over that of Tugendhat's in that his emphasis upon values and community impacting upon the self is put in the context of the concept of 'narrative identity2'. The latter is a way of talking about my notion of how the self helps constitute the person in a 'dynamic' way.
  3. Ricoeur performs an analysis of narrative identity3 within the context of the problem of personal identity and with Parfit4's contribution to the discussion in mind. In fact, Ricoeur challenges Parfit5 at certain points but seems to capitulate to Parfit6 unnecessarily in the end.
  4. Be that as it may, Ricoeur's analysis of the self as 'narrative identity7' incorporates both the temporality of the self stressed in Chapter VI ("Alexander (Ronald) - The Self, Time, and the Community") and the social-ethical component stressed by Tugendhat. What emerges here, then, is the self as a supervenient trope but understood as the 'theme' or 'character' of the person's immersion in temporality.


Photocopy of complete Book filed in "Various - Papers on Identity Boxes: Vol 01 (A)".

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Footnote 1: Taken from "Alexander (Ronald) - The Self, Supervenience and Personal Identity: Introduction", pp. 3-4.

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