Physicalism and Resurrection
Davis (Stephen T.)
Source: Corcoran - Soul, Body and Survival, Chapter 14
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  1. In the final essay2, "Physicalism and Resurrection," Stephen Davis provides an assessment of both the philosophical and theological discussion of the nature of human persons and the prospect of survival. He disagrees with the claim made by Merricks3 that a rejection of "criterialism" declaws a major class of objections to resurrection. Davis argues that criterion- based objections can be reformulated in non-criterion-based ways. If so, then according to Davis, Merricks's rejection of criterialism does not advance the debate about the possibility of resurrection at all.
  2. Davis also argues against a claim I make in my4 essay. I argue that there are plausible reasons a theist might have for believing that it is impossible for there ever to be multiple candidates for identity with oneself in the afterlife5. Davis disagrees. At the same time, however, he wants to maintain what seems to contradict this, namely, the plausible assertion that identity is a relation that each thing necessarily stands in to itself. Davis makes a valiant attempt to reconcile two seemingly contradictory claims, and it is left to the reader to judge whether or not Davis succeeds. In the end Davis contends that although he himself has given up physicalism about persons in favor of dualism, physicalism about persons and the doctrine of resurrection are compatible.


Section III: Does Life After Death6 Require Dualism

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Footnote 4: Ie. "Corcoran (Kevin) - Physical Persons and Postmortem Survival Without Temporal Gaps".

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