Indeterminate Identity: Appendix - Evans on Indeterminacy
Parsons (Terence)
Source: Parsons - Indeterminate Identity, 2000, Appendix
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  1. Some of Evans's remarks about modalities2 near the end of his 1978 paper have puzzled many commentators.
  2. Following a suggestion of Wiggins, it is shown that they make good sense if we assume that Evans saw indeterminacy as a kind, or mode, of truth, so that '∇S' may be true when 'S' is true.
  3. On this reading, his argument is not relevant to the thesis of indeterminate identity3 discussed in the subsequent literature.

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Footnote 1: Taken from "Parsons (Terence) - Indeterminate Identity: Analytical Table of Contents".

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