Imperfect Similarity
Heil (John)
Source: Heil - From an Ontological Point of View, Chapter 14
Paper - Abstract

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Author’s Abstract

  1. Universals1 provide an explanation of similarity: similar objects share properties. Imperfect similarity among complex properties is explained by 'partial identity2' of their constituents.
  2. What if simple properties could be imperfectly similar? This manifest possibility suggests that even proponents of universals3 require brute (imperfect) similarities, and a principal advantage of universals4 over modes evaporates.

  1. Similarity and Identity
  2. Objective Similarity
  3. Predicates and Similarity
  4. Grades of Similarity
  5. Imperfect Similarity as 'Partial Identity5'
  6. Similarity among Simple Properties
  7. Dissimilarity
  8. Functional Similarity
  9. Where this Leaves Us
  10. Secondary Qualities
  11. 'Projections'

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