Substantial Identity
Heil (John)
Source: Heil - From an Ontological Point of View, Chapter 16
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Author’s Abstract

  1. Is a statue1 identical with the lump of bronze that makes it up? This question is discussed in the light of claims that statues2 and lumps possess distinct 'modal3 properties' and so could not be identical.
  2. Progress is possible if we replace the initial question with the question: what is the truth maker for the statement that this is a statue4?

  1. Ordinary Objects
  2. Sortals5
  3. The Indiscernibility of Identicals6
  4. 'Overlapping Objects' and Eliminitivism
  5. Historical and Modal7 'Properties'
  6. Modal8 Properties and Dispositions
  7. What Does Realism about Statues9 Require?
  8. Material Constitution
  9. Eddington's Tables


Filed with Chapter 14 ("Heil (John) - Imperfect Similarity")

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