Dennett's Position in the Intellectual World
Brook (Andrew) & Ross (Don)
Source: Brook & Ross - Daniel Dennett (Contemporary Philosophy in Focus Series), 2002
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  1. Dennett's Life and Work;
  2. Dennett's Philosophy;
    … 2.1 Empiricism in Dennett's Time;
    … 2.2 The Foundations of Dennett's System;
    … 2.3 Free-Floating Intentionality and Darwinian Reasons;
    … 2.4 How Do We Come to Have an Intentional Stance?;
    … 2.5 A Theory of Consciousness;
    … 2.6 Uses of Dennett's Methods;
    … 2.7 Two General Worries;
  3. To Come1

    Additionally, the authors have provided brief introductions to the main sections of this anthology, ie. to:-


Section: Introduction

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Footnote 1: In this book, not in Dennett’s life!

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