Human Persons: Narrative Identity and Self-Creation
DeGrazia (David)
Source: DeGrazia - Human Identity and Bioethics, 2005, Chapter 3
Paper - Abstract

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  1. What Else Matters in Survival?
  2. Narrative Identity1
    … 2.1 A Framework for Understanding Narrative Identity2
    … 2.2 The Role of Others in a Person’s Narrative Identity3
    … 2.3 Narrative Identity’s4 Close Fit with Certain Practical Concerns
  3. Self Creation
    … 3.1 Is it Possible?
    … … 3.1.1 A preliminary Challenge to the Possibility of Self-Creation and a Reply
    … … 3.1.2 The Deeper Worry: Hard Determinism
    … … 3.1.3 Challenges to This and Similar Accounts
    … … 3.1.4 A Reply to These Challenges
    … 3.2 How Self-Creation Relates to Narrative Identity5 and Other Key Concepts
    … 3.3 Do the Demands of Authenticity Set Moral Limits on Self-Creation?
  4. Conclusion: Bringing the Two Senses of Identity Together

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