Modern Philosophers' Views on Persons: Yet More Moderns
Bourgeois (Warren)
Source: Bourgeois - Persons: What Philosophers Say about You, 2003, Chapter 7
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  1. The late modern emphasis on morality
    • 1.1 Rousseau
    • 1.2 Kant
    • 1.3 Hegel: God is still almost everywhere
    • 1.4 Schopenhauer: God begins to disappear
    • 1.5 Bentham and Mill
    • 1.6 Karl Marx and self-realization
    • 1.7 Kierkegaard’s attempt to depose reason: God reappears
  2. The turn of the century and the screw
    • 2.1 Nietzsche and the death of God
    • 2.2 Peirce, James, and Dewey: Pragmatism and God’s resurrection

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