Contemporary Philosophers' Views on Persons: Parfit: The Oxford Buddhist
Bourgeois (Warren)
Source: Bourgeois - Persons: What Philosophers Say about You, 2003, Chapter 13
Paper - Abstract

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  1. The creed of selflessness
    • 1.1 Questions and theses
    • 1.2 Divisibility: People as complexes
    • 1.3 Indeterminacy: Dead, alive, or maybe
      →1.3.1 The spectra example
    • 1.4 Reductionism: An impersonal universe
    • 1.5 Fundamental value: People do not count
      → 1.5.1 The teletransportation1 example
  2. Personal identity: Who’s who
    • 2.1 The circular criterion of identity
    • 2.2 Parfit2 in the real world

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