How the Body Shapes the Mind
Gallagher (Shaun)
Source: Gallagher - How the body shapes the mind, 2005, Introduction. Pp. 1-15
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  1. This book is an interdisciplinary work that addresses philosophical questions by appealing to evidence found in experimental psychology, neuroscience, studies of pathologies, and developmental psychology.
  2. There is a growing consensus across these disciplines that the contribution of embodiment to cognition is inescapable.
  3. Because this insight has been developed across a variety of disciplines, however, there is still a need to develop a common vocabulary that is capable of integrating discussions of brain mechanisms in neuroscience, behavioral expressions in psychology, design concerns in artificial intelligence1 and robotics, and debates about embodied experience in the phenomenology and philosophy of mind.
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  1. Scientific and Phenomenological Investigations of Embodiment
    1. The Terms of Embodiment
    2. The Case of the Missing Schema
    3. The Earliest Senses of Self and Others
    4. Pursuing a Phantom
    5. The Body in Gesture
  2. Excursions in Philosophy and Pathology
    1. Prenoetic Constraints on Perception and Action
    2. Neurons and Neonates: Reflections on the Molyneux Problem
    3. Complex Structures and Common Dynamics of Self-Awareness
    4. The Interactive Practice of Mind
    5. Before You Know It

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