Priest (Graham)
Source: Priest - Towards Non-Being, 2005, Chapter 2
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    Chapter 2 provides the semantics for identity in the context of intentional operators. The key feature of the semantics is the failure of substitutivity of identicals in intentional contexts. This is used to provide a solution to the Hooded Man and similar paradoxes.
  1. Introduction: Identity and Intentionality;
  2. Adding Identity;
  3. Eubulides the Paradoxer;
  4. The Hooded Man Paradox;
  5. Descriptions and Rigid Designators;
  6. The Puzzle about Pierre;
  7. Frege and SI;
  8. SI and Open Worlds;
  9. Worlds and Identities;
  10. The De Re Argument;
  11. Conclusion;
  12. Technical Appendix


Photocopy of complete Book filed in "Various - Papers on Identity Boxes: Vol 14 (P)".

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