The Sources of Self-consciousness
Bermudez (Jose Luis)
Source: Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 102, 2001, 87-107
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    This paper explores the relation between two ways of thinking about the sources of self-consciousness1. We can think about the sources of self-consciousness2 either in genetic terms (as the origins or precursors of self-conscious thoughts) or in epistemic terms (as the grounds of self-conscious judgements). Using Christopher Peacocke's account of self-conscious judgements in Being Known3 as a foil, this paper brings out some important ways in which we need to draw upon the sources of self-consciousness4 in the genetic sense for a proper understanding of the sources of self-consciousness5 in the epistemic sense.

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Footnote 3: Ie. "Peacocke (Christopher) - Being Known"

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