The Principle of Individuation: I
Lukasiewicz (Jan)
Source: Supplement to the Proceedings of The Aristotelian Society 27, 1953, 69-82. Symposium: The Principle of Individuation (Lukasiewicz, Anscombe & Popper)
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  1. Formulation of the problem;
  2. The Aristotelian matter;
  3. The Aristotelian form;
  4. Critical remarks on Aristotle's ideas of definition and form;
  5. Lesniewski's Ontology;
  6. Ontological implications of Lesniewski's Ontology;
  7. Hints at the solution of the problem of individuation1.


Responded to by "Anscombe (G.E.M.) - The Principle of Individuation: II" (and "Popper (Karl) - The Principle of Individuation: III").

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