The Regress Argument
Pink (Thomas)
Source: Pink - The Psychology of Freedom, 1996, Chapter 7
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  1. Introduction
  2. The regress argument
  3. The structure of the regress argument
  4. How is action subject to the will ?
  5. Why decisions, and pro attitudes too, are not subject to the will
  6. Deciding to make up one’s mind
  7. Why must free action be subject to the will ?
  8. Need free decisions be subject to the will ?
  9. Hobbes’ reductionist regress argument
  10. Intentionality and the exercise of control
  11. Intention and intentionality
    • 11.1 The intentionality of action
    • 11.2 The intentionality of intention
  12. Conclusion


Photocopy of the complete book filed in "Various - Papers on Philosophy of Mind Boxes: Vol 3 (P-Z)".

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