Traveling In A- And B- Time
Sider (Ted)
Source: Monist, July 2005, Vol. 88 Issue 3, p329-335, 7p
Paper - Abstract

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  1. The article discusses the presentism in time travel2. Presentism says that only currently existing entities exist, and that the only properties and relations those entities instantiate are those that they currently instantiate. The direction of personal time is related to entropy. The future direction of personal time is the direction of increasing entropy within the one's personal time is the direction of increasing entropy within the time traveler3.

Author’s Conclusion
  1. According to Lewis, one travels into the past when the external past is in one’s personal future. This is genuine travel only if personal time is similar to external time. And as we have seen, whether personal time is similar to external time depends on the nature of external time. This similarity is of course a matter of degree. Thus, our conclusion should be: concerning various possible scenarios, the label ‘time travel’4 is clearly appropriate given a maximally spatializing conception of time, less appropriate given (certain versions of) presentism, and still less appropriate given other conceptions of time (for example that of the growing block universe).
  2. And nothing here has challenged the consistency of presentism, or any other theory of time, with backwards causation5. The question of this paper has not been can we affect the past? , but rather: can we GO there?


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Footnote 1: I have no idea where this abstract came from. It is not in the paper itself. It also seems to be somewhat garbled.

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