Perception: the Choice of a Theory
Dancy (Jonathan)
Source: Dancy - An Introduction to Contemporary Epistemology, 1985, Chapter 11
Paper - Abstract

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  1. Phenomenalism and the Explanation of Experience
  2. Indirect Realism: Double Awareness and a Double Object
    … 2.1 The Sceptical Objection
    … 2.2 The Direct and the Indirect
    … 2.3 Inferential Realism
    … 2.4 Conclusion
  3. Direct Realism and the Explanation of Perceptual Error
  4. A Causal Element
    … 4.1 Comment 1: Reliability Requirements
    … 4.2 Comment 2: Externalism
  5. Perception, Causation1 and Justification
    … 5.1 Justification 1: Truth Tracking
    … 5.2 Justification 2: Conceptual Necessity
    … 5.3 Justification 3: Coherentism
    … 5.4 Justification 4: Causal
  6. Direct Realism and Coherentism
    … 6.1 Pure anti-realists should be phenomenalists
    … 6.2 A coherentist should be a direct rather than indirect realist
    … 6.3 Scientific direct realism is better than the naïve form


For a précis, see this Note2.

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This note provides my detailed review of "Dancy (Jonathan) - Perception: the Choice of a Theory".

Currently, this write-up is only available as a PDF. For a précis and analysis of the whole book, click File Note (PDF). It is my intention to convert this to Note format shortly, and to break it down by Chapter.

… Further details to be supplied4

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