Extreme Realism
Melia (Joseph)
Source: Melia - Modality, 2003, Chapter 5
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  1. Realism about Possible Worlds: Methodological Preliminaries
  2. The Metaphysics of Extreme Realism
  3. Transworld Identity
  4. Modal1 Paradise
  5. The Incredulous Stare
  6. Missing Possibilities?
  7. Unacceptable Ontological Extravagance
  8. Primitive Modality2 in Extreme Realism
    … 8.1 Plenitude
    … 8.2 The Possibility of Alien Properties
    … 8.3 A Model-Theoretic Argument against Completeness
  9. Conclusion


Photocopy of complete book; Filed in "Various - Papers on Identity Boxes: Vol 11 (M2: Me+)".

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