A Contribution to the History of the Word Person
Trendelenberg (Adolf)
Source: Monist, 20 (1910), 336-363
Paper - Abstract

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Author’s Abstract

  1. Plan / Introduction: How did we get from Plato to Kant?
  2. Etymology of Persona
  3. Biblical Usage
  4. Stoic Usage – Writing and playing a part well
  5. Legal usage – loss of individuality
  6. Grammatical persons – First, Second, Third
  7. Trinitarian usage
  8. Slaves are not persons
  9. More recent ideas (to 1870)
    Appendix: 1870-1910 (Hans Vaihinger)


Essay originally written (in German) in 1870, but only published in 1908 (in Kant-Studien); translated by Carl Haessler

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