Material Persons and the Doctrine of Resurrection
Baker (Lynne Rudder)
Source: Faith and Philosophy 18 (2001): 151-167
Paper - Abstract

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Author’s Abstract

  1. Many Christians assume that there are only two possibilities for what a human person is:
    • either Animalism1 (the view that we are fundamentally animals)
    • or Immaterialism (the view that we are fundamentally immaterial souls).
  2. I set out a third possibility: the Constitution View2 (the view that we are material beings, constituted by bodies but not identical to the bodies that now constitute us.)
  3. After setting out and briefly defending the Constitution View3, I apply it to the doctrine of resurrection.
  4. I conclude by giving reasons for Christians to prefer the Constitution View4 of human persons to both Animalism5 and Immaterialism.


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