Reply to Jackson, II
Baker (Lynne Rudder)
Source: Philosophical Explorations, 3 (2000): 196-8
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    Commonsense psychological explanations are an integral part of a comprehensive commonsense background that includes almost everything that we deal with everyday - from traffic jams to paychecks to cozy dinners for two. It is the comprehensive commonsense background that I think is not wholesale refutable by science. A good deal of the comprehensive commonsense background itself depends on there being beliefs, desires, intentions and other propositional attitudes. If there never have been propositional attitudes, then there never have been statues1 or schools or terrorists or Nobel prizes. Since I think it unreasonable to suppose that science will reveal that there never has been a statue2, or a school or a terrorist or a Nobel prize, I also think it unreasonable to suppose that science will reveal that nobody has ever had a belief, desire, intention or other propositional attitude.


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