Review of 'Objects and Persons' by Trenton Merricks
Baker (Lynne Rudder)
Source: Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 81 (2003): 97-98
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Author’s Abstract

    In Objects and Persons, Merricks addresses many important topics, and argues for his positions with wit and vigor. (The first sentence is “In this book I shall show that there are no books.”) Merricks critically assesses the deliverances of what he takes to be ‘folk ontology.’ Folk ontology regards books, baseballs, statues1, and organisms as existing objects. Merricks argues, on the one hand, that there are no baseballs, statues2 or other inanimate macrophysical objects, but, on the other hand, that there are organisms. Thus, like van Inwagen, Merricks is an eliminativist about inanimate macrophysical objects, but a realist about organisms — at least about conscious organisms.


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