On the Unity of the Parts of Organisms
Hoffman (Joshua) & Rosenkrantz (Gary)
Source: Hoffman & Rosenkrantz - Substance: Its Nature and Existence, Chapter 4
Paper - Abstract

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  1. The Concept of Organic Life
  2. Organisms and Aristotelian Functions
  3. What is the Causal Relation that Unites the Parts of an Organism?
  4. Aristotle’s Account of Unity
  5. Evolution, Natural Selection, and Natural Function
  6. The Emergence of Life and Natural Function
  7. An Account of and Natural Function
  8. The Degree of Naturalness of an Individual’s Life-Processes
  9. Vital Parts and Joint and Natural Functions
  10. Regulation and Functional Subordination
  11. A Preliminary Analysis of Unity
  12. A Final Analysis of Unity
  13. Functional Connectedness1 among Basic Biotic Parts
  14. Nonbasic Biotic Parts
  15. Problem Cases

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