Modal Paradox: Parts and Counterparts, Points and Counterpoints
Salmon (Nathan)
Source: Salmon - Reference and Essence, 2005, Appendix 4
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    Paradoxes concerning the essentiality of the origins of artifacts are discussed, and their solution by means of counterpart theory is critiqued. It is argued that the paradoxes reveal that "s5" modal logic1 is fallacious. The approach is defended against criticisms. The relevance of vagueness and sorites2 paradoxes is discussed. An appendix presents a proof that identity is defined for every pair of objects and suggests how other controversial theses concerning identity might be similarly proved.
    36. Modal3 Paradox
    37. A Modal4 Fallacy
    38. Counterpart Theory
    39. Modal5 Paradox and Sorites6
    40. Some Shortcomings of Counterpart Theory
    41. More Shortcomings of Counterpart Theory
    42. The Solution Refined
    43. Vagueness and Modal7 Paradox
    44. Twin Worlds
    45. Necessity and Apriority
    46. The Determinacy of Identity


Also in "French (Peter), Uehling (Theodore) & Wettstein (Howard) - Midwest Studies in Philosophy (Vol XI) - Studies in Essentialism"

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