Zombies versus Materialists (II)
Squires (J.E.R.)
Source: Supplement to the Proceedings of The Aristotelian Society 48, 1974, pp. 153-163
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  1. Philosophical materialism still seems far from clear, whether about people or even stones. Robert Kirk supposes that we all subscribe to the view that "stones are nothing but physical objects". If some child or crank thinks that stones are the seeds of trees or the eggs of birds it would be apt to point out that stones are objects of one kind – inorganic, inert – rather than another – organic, ert.
  2. Those who subscribe to or oppose materialism often debate as if one side think stones, people etc. are of this kind – physical, material – and the other side think they are also or instead of this other kind – non-physical, spiritual.
  3. But if this question is analogous to that whether stones are organic or inert, ought it not to be debated by scientists rather than philosophers?


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