Haecceities, individuation and the Trinity: a reply to Keith Yandell
Davis (Richard Brian)
Source: Religious Studies, 38, Issue 02, June 2002, pp 201-213
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  1. In this paper I reply to Keith E. Yandell's recent charge that Anselmian theists cannot also be Trinitarians.
  2. Yandell's case turns on the contention that it is impossible to individuate Trinitarian members, if they exist necessarily.
  3. Since the ranks of Anselmian Trinitarians include the likes of Alvin Plantinga, Robert Merrihew Adams, and Thomas P. Flint, Yandell's claim is of considerable interest and import.
  4. I argue, by contrast, that Anselmians can appeal to what Plantinga calls an essence or haecceity1 - a property essentially unique to an object - to distinguish Trinitarian members.
  5. I go on to show that the main Yandellian objection to this individuative strategy is not successful.

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