Biology or Psychology? Human Persons and Personal Identity
Corcoran (Kevin)
Source: Petrus - On Human Persons, 2003
Paper - Abstract

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Section Headings

  1. Problem Cases: Human Vegetables, Cerebrum1 Complements and Tibetan Buddhists
  2. The Biological Approach to Personal Identity
    … 2a. Problems with the Biological Approach
    … 2b. Objections and Replies
  3. The Psychological Approach
    … 3a. Unger’s Psychological Approach
    … 3b. The Psychological Approach and the Vegetable Case
    … 3c. A Problem with Unger’s Psychological Approach
    … 3d. Unger’s Psychological Approach and the Cerebrum-complement2 Case
  4. The Constitution Relation
  5. Persons, Bodies and Constitution
  6. The Identity and Persistence Conditions3 of Bodies
  7. The Identity and Persistence Conditions4 of Persons
  8. Personal Identity and Psychological Continuity5
  9. Baker’s Prince and Cobbler Account
  10. Conclusion

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