Is My Head a Person?
Burke (Michael)
Source: Petrus - On Human Persons, 2003
Paper - Abstract

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Section Headings

  1. Terminological Preliminary
  2. The Argument that Creates the Problem
  3. The Existing Solutions
    1. Olson
    2. Merricks
    3. Geach
    4. Lewis1
    5. Carter
  4. Maximality
  5. Initial Arguments for the Maximality of Personhood and Thinkerhood
  6. Reply to an Objection
  7. The Differences between Percy and His Brain-Containing Parts
  8. The Sufficiency of the Differences
  9. Conclusion

Brief Notes
  1. Solutions
    1. Olson denies the DAUP
    2. Merricks denies microphysical supervenience2
    3. Geach – relative identity3
    4. Lewis4 – “loose & popular” versus “strict and philosophical”5 identity?
    5. Carter – mereological essentialism
  2. The conclusion is a précis of the essay

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