Animalism (Continuum)
Blatti (Stephan)
Source: The Continuum Encyclopedia of British Philosophy, ed. A. C. Grayling, A. Pyle, N. Goulder (Continuum, 2006), vol. 1: 108–09
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Authors’ Abstract

  1. This brief entry sketches the theory of personal identity that has come to be known as animalism1.
  2. Animalism2's hallmark claim is that each of us is identical with a human animal3.
  3. Moreover, animalists4 typically claim that we could not exist except as animals, and that the (biological) conditions of our persistence derive from our status as animals.
  4. Prominent advocates of this view include Michael R. Ayers, Eric Olson, Paul Snowdon, Peter Van Inwagen, and David Wiggins.


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