Implications and Conditionals
Richards (Janet Radcliffe)
Source: Richards - Human Nature After Darwin: A Philosophical Introduction, 2000, Chapter 4
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Author’s Abstract

  1. This short chapter is another that is more about philosophical technicalities than about Darwinism in particular, but is essential for the analysis that follows.
  2. If there is no point at this stage in trying to establish, as a basis for the enquiry into implications, which of the Darwinian factions is closest to the truth, the best procedure is to investigate the implications of each of them. This will show how much turns on the question of which version is true.
  3. This involves investigating a series of conditional statements, about what follows if each version is true, without investigating whether it is true or not. The chapter concludes by setting out a method for the systematic investigation of conditionals, which will be used throughout the book.

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  2. The assessment of conditionals

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