Christians Should Affirm Mind-Body Dualism
Zimmerman (Dean)
Source: Peterson (Michael) & Van Arragon (Raymond) - Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Religion, 2004
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Editors’ Introduction

    Few questions in the philosophy of religion have received as much recent attention as this one. Many Christians answer it in the affirmative, believing that some form of mind-body dualism has the weight of Christian tradition on its side and that it is the view that makes best sense of the doctrine of life after death1. Yet an increasing number of Christians reject mind-body dualism in favor of some version of materialism, claiming that dualism is an illegitimate import from Greek philosophy and that its place in Christian thought should be re-evaluated. They argue, moreover, that materialism yields most of the advantages that dualism was supposed to provide while avoiding many of dualism's problems. In these essays, Dean Zimmerman argues in favor of mind-body dualism, while Lynne Rudder Baker defends a version of materialism.


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