The Language and Reality of Time: Introduction
Sattig (Thomas)
Source: Sattig - The Language and Reality of Time, Introduction
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Author's Introduction

  1. Both ordinary language and the material world have a temporal dimension. Ordinary language has a temporal dimension in that it is temporally modified; when we say that something is the case, we also indicate at what time it is the case. The material world has a temporal dimension in that it is constituted by objects that are in time. In the philosophical tradition there has been a tendency to study the temporal dimensions of language and reality separately.
  2. My project is to explore the temporal dimension of the world around us in relation to the temporal dimension of our discourse about the world.

The rest of the text of the Introduction has been used as Chapter Abstracts for the other 5 Chapters of the book.

Photocopy filed in "Various - Papers on Identity Boxes: Vol 16 (S1: Sa-Sl)".

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