Three-Dimensionalist Supervenience
Sattig (Thomas)
Source: Sattig - The Language and Reality of Time, Chapter 5
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  1. In Chapter 5, I develop a three-dimensionalist account of temporal supervenience2 — the temporal-regions account — and argue that the latter shares the main virtues and avoids the main drawbacks of its four-dimensionalist rival. The three-dimensionalist account asserts and explains the theses that the facts of persistence logically supervene3 on facts about the spatiotemporal location of objects, and that the facts of temporal instantiation logically supervene4 on the atemporal instantiation of properties by temporally unextended spacetime regions occupied by objects.
  2. I point out structural similarities of the temporal-regions account and the temporal-parts account, and show that the temporal-regions account avoids the problems that threaten the temporal-parts account. The remainder of the chapter deals with various consequences and apparent difficulties of three-dimensionalist supervenience5.

  1. The Temporal-regions Account
  2. The Status of Regional Instantiation
  3. Temporal Regions Versus Temporal Parts '
  4. Three-Dimensionalism and Special Relativity
  5. Temporal Predication with Complex Predicates
  6. Coincidence and Sortal6 Relativity


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