The Problem(s) of Universals
Moreland (J.P.)
Source: Moreland - Universals, 2001, Chapter 1
Paper - Abstract

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  1. Introduction
  2. Issues and options regarding the ontological status of properties
  3. Three important phenomena relevant to the debate about properties
  4. Three important issues in the exemplification of properties
    • The Nature of the “Universal”
    • The relationship between redness and the quality-instance red1
    • An assay of the quality-instance red1
  5. Figures
    • 1.1: The nature of the universal
    • 1.2: Relationship of universal (redness) to quality-instance red1
    • 1.3: Assay of the quality-instance
  6. Universals1 and Philosophical Naturalism
  7. Key philosophical distinctions relevant to the problem of universals2
  8. Figure 1.4:-
    • Do properties exist?
    • Are properties abstract (outside of space and time)?
    • Acceptance of axiom of localisation?
    • Are properties universals3?
    • Are properties “in” concrete particulars?
  9. Two laws of identity
  10. Three important distinctions (due to Francis Suarez)

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Footnote 5: Controversial!

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