<!DOCTYPE html><HTML lang="en"> <head><meta charset="utf-8"> <title>Jespersen (Bjorn) - Explicit Intensionalization, Anti-Actualism, and How Smith's Murderer Might Not Have Murdered Smith (Theo Todman's Book Collection - Paper Abstracts) </title> <link href="../../TheosStyle.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"><link rel="shortcut icon" href="../../TT_ICO.png" /></head> <BODY> <CENTER> <div id="header"><HR><h1>Theo Todman's Web Page - Paper Abstracts</h1><HR></div><A name="Top"></A> <TABLE class = "Bridge" WIDTH=950> <tr><th><A HREF = "../../PaperSummaries/PaperSummary_08/PaperSummary_8465.htm">Explicit Intensionalization, Anti-Actualism, and How Smith's Murderer Might Not Have Murdered Smith</A></th></tr> <tr><th><A HREF = "../../Authors/J/Author_Jespersen (Bjorn).htm">Jespersen (Bjorn)</a></th></tr> <tr><th>Source: Dialectica, 59.3, September 2005, pp. 285-314(30)</th></tr> <tr><th>Paper - Abstract</th></tr> </TABLE> </CENTER> <P><CENTER><TABLE class = "Bridge" WIDTH=400><tr><td><A HREF = "../../PaperSummaries/PaperSummary_08/PaperSummary_8465.htm">Paper Summary</A></td><td><A HREF="#ColourConventions">Text Colour-Conventions</a></td></tr></TABLE></CENTER></P> <hr><P><FONT COLOR = "0000FF"><U>Author s Abstract</U><FONT COLOR = "800080"><ol type="1"><li>The purpose of this article is to provide a non-contradictory interpretation of sentences such as  Smith's murderer might not have murdered Smith . </li><li>An anti-actualist, two-dimensional framework including partial functions provides the basis for my solution. I argue for two claims. <ol type="i"><li>The <a name="1"></a><A HREF="../../Notes/Notes_1/Notes_121.htm">modal</A><SUP>1</SUP> profile of the proposition (truth-condition) expressed by  The F might not have been an F (wher  F is an empirical predicate) is complex: at any world where there is a unique F the proposition is true; at any world without a unique F the proposition has no truth-value; hence, at no world is it false. It remains an open semantic and epistemological question which of the first two kinds of world the actual world is. </li><li>The semantic method should be based on explicit intensionalization in lieu of actualism. Actualism accords a privileged role to the actual world. Explicit intensionalization places all possible worlds, including the actual one, on an equal footing. Syntactically, a lambda-bound world variable replaces the (explicit or implicit) actual-world constant or operator, while the other world variable is existentially bound. </ol> </li></ol></FONT><FONT COLOR = "0000FF"><HR></P><a name="ColourConventions"></a><p><b>Text Colour Conventions (see <A HREF="../../Notes/Notes_10/Notes_1025.htm">disclaimer</a>)</b></p><OL TYPE="1"><LI><FONT COLOR = "0000FF">Blue</FONT>: Text by me; &copy; Theo Todman, 2018</li><LI><FONT COLOR = "800080">Mauve</FONT>: Text by correspondent(s) or other author(s); &copy; the author(s)</li></OL> <BR><HR><BR><CENTER> <TABLE class = "Bridge" WIDTH=950> <TR><TD WIDTH="30%">&copy; Theo Todman, June 2007 - August 2018.</TD> <TD WIDTH="40%">Please address any comments on this page to <A HREF="mailto:theo@theotodman.com">theo@theotodman.com</A>.</TD> <TD WIDTH="30%">File output: <time datetime="2018-08-03T00:10" pubdate>03/08/2018 00:10:39</time> <br><A HREF="../../Notes/Notes_10/Notes_1010.htm">Website Maintenance Dashboard</A></TD></TR> <TD WIDTH="30%"><A HREF="#Top">Return to Top of this Page</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="40%"><A HREF="../../Notes/Notes_11/Notes_1140.htm">Return to Theo Todman's Philosophy Page</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="30%"><A HREF="../../index.htm">Return to Theo Todman's Home Page</A></TD> </TR></TABLE></CENTER><HR> </BODY> </HTML>