The Recent History of Materialism: The Same Mistake
Searle (John)
Source: Searle - The Rediscovery of the Mind, 1992, Chapter 2
Paper - Abstract

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  1. The Mystery of Materialism
  2. Behaviorism
  3. Type Identity Theories
  4. Token-Token Identity Theories
  5. Black Box Functionalism
  6. Strong Artificial Intelligence1
  7. Elliminative Materialism
  8. Naturalising Content
  9. The Moral So Far: Table 2.1 The General Pattern Exhibited by Recent Materialism
    TheoryCommon-Sense ObjectionsTechnical Objections
    Logical behaviorism Leaves out the mind: super-spartan / super-actor objections
    1. Circular; needs desires to explain beliefs, and conversely.
    2. Can't do the conditionals.
    3. Leaves out causation2.
    Type identity theory Leaves out the mind: or else it leads to property dualism
    1. Neural chauvinism.
    2. Leibniz's law3.
    3. Can't account for mental properties.
    4. Modal4 arguments
    Token identity theory Leaves out the mind: absent qualia Can't identify the mental features of mental content
    Black box functionalism Leaves out the mind: absent qualia and spectrum inversionRelation of structure and function is unexplained
    Strong Al (Turing machine functionalism) Leaves out the mind: Chinese room Human cognition is nonrepresentational and therefore noncomputational
    Eliminative materialism (rejection of folk psychology)Denies the existence of the mind: unfair to folk psychology Defense of folk psychology
    Naturalizing intentionalityLeaves out intentionality Disjunction5 problem
  10. The Idols of the Tribe

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