The Structure of Consciousness: An Introduction
Searle (John)
Source: Searle - The Rediscovery of the Mind, 1992, Chapter 6
Paper - Abstract

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  1. A Dozen Structural Features
    1. Finite Modalities1
    2. Unity
    3. Intentionality
    4. Subjective Feeling
    5. The Connection between Consciousness and Intentionality
    6. The Figure-Ground Gestalt Structure of Conscious Experience
    7. The Aspect of Familiarity
    8. Overflow
    9. The Center and the Periphery
    10. Boundary Conditions
    11. Mood
    12. The Pleasure/Unpleasure Dimension
  2. Three Traditional Mistakes
    1. All Conscious States are Self-Conscious
    2. Consciousness is Known by a Special Faculty of Introspection
    3. Knowledge of our Conscious States is Incorrigible.
  3. Conclusion

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