New Literature on Tropes
Trettin (Kathe)
Source: Metaphysica, 2004
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  1. In reviewing some of the recent literature on tropes I begin with a general characterization of Anna-Sofia Maurin's book If Tropes (2002) and then turn to one of the vital problems discussed in the book and in additional new literature: Are tropes 'simple' or 'complex' entities?
  2. Although tropes (particular properties, individual qualities) are not newcomers in general metaphysics, but, in fact, have a long history from Aristotle to Husserl, it is only quite recently that more and more philosophers have engaged in analysing the prospects of tropes or unit attributes as fundamental entities.
  3. Starting in the beginning of the nineteen nineties in a more or less programmatic way, discussions have now reached a stage of refinement. Arguments focus around the more intricate problems and have gained in subtlety. This, I think, is in itself a good development, for it shows that general metaphysics or ontology is a lively and fruitful area of philosophy.


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