Individuals, Possible Worlds, and Epistemic Logic
Hintikka (Jaakko)
Source: Nous, Vol. 1, No. 1, Mar., 1967, pp. 33-62
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    This paper is partly an answer to castaneda's, chisholm's and sleigh's papers in the same number. Against castaneda, it is argued that my treatment of quantification into modal1 contexts is demonstrably unavoidable given certain very natural semantical assumptions. Castaneda's handling of himself-locutions (logic of self-knowledge) can be greatly simplified. Against chisholm, it is argued that his contrast between essentialism and the total failure of cross-identification between possible worlds is oversimplified. Sleigh's objections can be removed by adding to my earlier treatment an interesting new principle (essentially, leibniz's law2 for bound variables).

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