Intensionality and Identity in Human Action and Philosophical Method
Castaneda (Hector-Neri)
Source: Nous, Vol. 13, No. 2 (May, 1979), pp. 235-260
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  1. Francesca pulls a gun trigger, thus, wounding Romeo and killing him. The unifiers (in Thalberg's term) hold that Francesca performed one action; the multipliers that she performed many. This debate is partly verbal.
  2. Here is a study "au fond" that shows the structure of the underlying issues of intensionality and contingent identity1. It is a contribution to meta-philosophy and to the theories of individuation2, identity, intentional action, causality3, "things true under certain descriptions," and others.
  3. The contributions are developed through a critical study of "Goldman (Alvin) - A Theory of Human Action". Alvin Goldman's novel concept of level-generation of actions is subjected to the most searching scrutiny. Goldman's definitional method of philosophizing is found deficient in four counts.

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