Three Prospects for Theodicy: Some Anti-Leibnizian Approaches
Romerales-Espinosa (Enrique)
Source: Sorites 2, July 1995: 7-25
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    In focusing on the problem of evil from the viewpoint of theodicy, I argue that new conceptual regions are to be explored in order to get out of the permanent impasse. These possibilities respectively are: to reject the tenet that this world, if created by God, must be the best possible world; either to reject the tenet that human beings have had no previous existences to their present ones; or finally to reject causal determinism in the framework of the creation of the world and accept the idea that God proceeds with a margin of randomness in a nondeterministic universe. Since these three tenets are all embedded in the philosophical tradition, and explicitly in Leibniz’s Theodicy (most remarkably the first one), my prospects are in this sense anti-leibnizian.


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