The Validity of Indexical Arguments
Elkatip (S.H.)
Source: Sorites 7, November 1996: 6-20
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    The paper is concerned with the validity of the first version of indexical arguments as put forth in «‘He’: A Study in the Logic of Self- Consciousness» in 1966 and is in defence of the view that logical structure of statements containing personal pronouns alone does not account for personal identity. Castañeda’s 1966 analysis does not establish that the S-use characterises some usages of the personal pronoun better than the F-use or the E-use. While the major problem with F-use, which involves de re belief, is its conflict with the doctrine of propositions as transmitted from Frege, Castañeda’s rejection of body or E-use is based on common sense. But, the argument against E-use has no persuasive force against physicalism. It is, also, absurd to maintain that persons could speak an actual language or produce actual sentences the logic of which Castañeda claims to study objectively without bodies.


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