Deontics between Semantics and Ontology
Cabrera (Carlos Alarcón)
Source: Sorites 5, May 1996: 18-34
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Author’s Abstract

    As an adjective, the term «Deontic» is traditionally used in the sense of «directive», «normative», «prescriptive», «concerning ought». As a noun, «Deontics» is later introduced by Amedeo G. Conte, referring to the analysis of the theoretical and philosophical foundations of Deontic Logic. Within the wide field of Contian Deontics, I am dealing here with five questions: a) the distinction between «categorical constitutivity» and «hypothetical constitutivity»; b) the typology of the concept of validity; c) the problem of the pragmatic ambivalence of deontic utterances; d) the conception of repeal as an act of rejection; e) the reinterpretation of the «Is-ought question».


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