Water, Phlogiston, Brains, and Vats
Haukioja (Jussi)
Source: Sorites 14, October 2002: 16-20
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    Ted A. Warfield (1998) has presented a new version of the Putnamian1 argument for the conclusion that we are not brains in a vat. Warfield’s version relies on widely held views about content externalism and self-knowledge, but he intends his version to avoid reliance on other, more questionable background assumptions which other versions have made. Anthony Brueckner (2001) claims, however, that Warfield’s version fails. In this paper I will argue that, even if Brueckner’s reply succeeds, it leaves room for a new version of the argument. The new version relies on assumptions no more objectionable than Warfield’s, yet it is immune to Brueckner’s objection.


Filed electronically with the full edition of Sorites 14

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